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Hosted Services

Hosted Communications

We will provision and setup the phones with one of the Corporate IT’s needs to get with us to set up the VPN tunnel. After phones are shipped out, all the offices need to do is plug them in to an Ethernet port and we will handle it.

Virtual Desktop

Get into the emerging technology of PCoIP (PC over IP). Rent a desktop instead of investing in licenses and hardware upgrades. Enforce strict company security policies while reducing capital expenditures by renting what you need on a monthly basis.

Virtual Servers

Rent a Windows or Linux server from us with IIS, SQL, Apache and other services. 99.7 percent Availability as well as distributed backups will benefit your company. Never worry about buying hardware or maintenance again.

Hosted Exchange

Use the most popular email application without having to invest into costly hardware and software. Rent by the mailbox and take advantage of the shared calendars, synchronization to all your phones regardless of the technology as well as other options such as legal archiving, public folders and custom email rules. Visit www.emailcloud.co for our current offerings.

Remote Backups

Backing up your data is important. Backing up your data to a remote site makes sense. Whatever happens in your office, we have backups for 30 days so you can access them immediately and continue on. Other companies offer restore within days, we offer ours within hours. Your backups are secure and saved with a unique key.